The need for Insurance is quite simple: should an event occur that put your health, job, home or possessions at risk, how would the financial consequences affect you and your family?

Insurance gives protection against the financial problems that can arise when such untoward events occur.

Life: Premature or sudden loss of a family member is a traumatic enough experience. Without correct levels of life insurance it can become even more devastating.

Critical Illness: Diagnosis of a critical illness is often unexpected - the financial consequences of such an illness can be debilitating.

Accident/Disability: In normal circumstances, some major employers protect their employees' salary against accident or illness for up to a year . However, many other employers offer only statutory sick pay. Even over a short period , loss of income can be devastating.

Unemployment: Redundancy often comes without warning. For many, should this occur, the financial consequences would be devastating.

Mortgage Payments: All of the above events can put the ability to pay a mortgage under threat and by consequence put your home at risk.

Home & Contents: Uninsured loss can be financially devastating.

Insurance is not free.

But can you afford to be without insurance? Consider the financial consequences to you and your family should any of the above risks become a reality for you without adequate insurance protection.

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